Fisher Elementary

Pre Kindergarten



PreK 3 Mrs. Savannah de Rham

PreK 3/4 Mrs. Heather Gardner

PreK 4 Ms. Kristin Austin

A little about ourselves 


Fisher Elementary School offers a no-fees
Pre-Kindergarten program to residents of Arlington and Sandgate as well as other communities if space permits. 

Class size is limited in each of our three PreK classrooms--PreK-3 for three-year olds, PreK-3/4-for a mixed age group and PreK-4 for four-year olds.  PreK families can choose from a full-day or half-day academic program. 

PreK students eat lunch in their own classroom, have a separate playground for recess and are given a resting time after lunch.  They do participate in Fisher Specials--art, music, gym, and library.  Fisher PreK teachers are Vermont State certified with bachelor's degrees in Early Education, and each PreK class has a full-time Para-Professional to assist the classroom teacher.  

For information on how to register your child
for Fisher PreK, call the Fisher Main Office at
375-6409 or email Principal Deanne Lacoste at

More Info

Vermont Early Learning Standards

Vermont Early Learning Standards are intended to provide guidance for families, teachers and administrators on what children should know and be able to to do as they enter kindergarten.

Info Here

State of Vermont Early Childhood Licensing Regulations

Info Here

Act 166

Info Here

PreKindergarten Geographic Region

The National Association for the Education of Young Children provide resources for families.

Info Here

Where all students achieve their academic potential

Our Mission

Fisher Elementary School aspires to establish an environment where students and faculty can develop in a climate of caring and trust. We are committed to creating an instructional process whereby all students are able to achieve their academic potential. In addition, we at Fisher wish to nurture a sense of school pride that is felt and recognized by students, faculty, and the community.


T: 802-375-6409

F: 802-375-1544

E: Missy Wilcox, PR 


Fisher Elementary School

504  East Arlington Road, Arlington, VT 05250

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