Fisher Elementary

5th Grade

5th  Grade


Mrs. Michelle Edmunds

Mr. Jeremy Pratico

A little about ourselves 


Fifth Grade will be an exciting year for students as we prepare them for the middle-school transition. Students will grow academically, emotionally and socially during this year.  We emphasize team work and cooperation.  We have high expectations and hope to instill skills that will lead to a successful student life at Arlington Middle School and beyond.

Where all students achieve their academic potential

Our Mission

Fisher Elementary School aspires to establish an environment where students and faculty can develop in a climate of caring and trust. We are committed to creating an instructional process whereby all students are able to achieve their academic potential. In addition, we at Fisher wish to nurture a sense of school pride that is felt and recognized by students, faculty, and the community.


T: 802-375-6409

F: 802-375-1544

E: Missy Wilcox, PR 


Fisher Elementary School

504  East Arlington Road, Arlington, VT 05250

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